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An old adage adapted to modern language states ... give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime." A valuable way to live, especially in doing things cooperatively. There is a very special program that has gone thru its ups and downs, ins and outs and each step always outshines the previous step, which was phenomenal in its own right. You have heard many of us talk about it. I am asking you to actually take a look and become part of it. It is Alonzo Brown's Travel Downline Builder, which not only teaches you how to fish, but cook it too.

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To give you an example of how cooperative movements work, my sponsor in Up2Give saw I had posted in our group that I had made a hundred dollar deposit into my bitcoin account to ensure I could pay this month's installment and for other situations. I was told that there would be a 14 day hold. Didn't know what to do. He deposited bitcoins into my account to pay for this month's fees. I offered to pay back in dollars and he refused, saying to pass it on. Wow. I told him the reason I had put such a big amount in my account was that I was passing the opp on to a couple of other folk. THAT is cooperation. Whew!!! Feeling Blessed

Tomorrow's the big day! Let's get ready to rock! You have seen this elsewhere here ... I am working under him. Stay tuned!

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  • Let's explore the cooperative movement - especially those worker-owner cooperative models - that help us move forward in a collective and self-supportive manner. It is not limited to real time. It can be digital as well.